This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Here’s a bit of the great reading I enjoyed from Education Bloggers in Ontario this past week.  Some great thinking here.


Using Social Media as a Teaching Tool

Many people are incorporating social media into their classrooms.  There are many sides to this discussion.


Kristen Wideen explains why she uses social media in her class and tries to address the issues as she sees it.  By being open and honest about this, she’s communicating well with her student’s parents and the larger community.

It’s a good post and well worth making reference for future use.  You may wish to write a similar post to your parents sometime in the future.


Jumping on Board. Change is good.

Indeed it is.  I caught the recent post from Heather Touzin who was inspired by some track marks coming to a level crossing.  Her reflections were all about learning the sorts of technologies that she has to support within her district.

My thoughts took me back to riding a different type of train – the subway in Toronto.  The train I wanted to ride always seemed to have just left the station.  It can be frustrating not catching it but soon you come to realize that there’s always another chance to hop on.  You just know that you want to be on the train, headed in the right direction.  It seems to me that technology is a lot like that train that just pulled out.  You seem to be forever chasing and will never catch it.

But, that’s OK.  The game is in the pursuit.


As I left I wondered when the last time was that I went ‘Ooooo’ about a learning prospect.

Tina Zita tells a wonderful story of teacher professional development through the eyes of a student as they reacted to what was happening in the library.

More than this particular story, I wonder … could everyone get more excited about professional learning and growth in the profession if we gave all students glimpses of teachers as learners?

There are lots of people talking about co-learners – does it really happen?

SmartCar Smash!

How’s that for an inspiration for a post?

Read on to see how it inspires a 3 Act Math Lesson.

Reflections form Week 2

I remember the days when we would sit around the supper table and I’d ask the kids – “What did you do in school today?”

The answer was always “Nuthin’”.

I’ll bet that never happens with Alison Bullock’s charges…

Sounds like Week 2 was full of excitement!

Thanks to all these bloggers for sharing the great things that are happening in their educational lives.  What an active week in Ontario schools.

Please check out these posts at the links above and the entire Ontario Educational blog collection here.  This Livebinder is packed full of great things happening in Ontario classrooms.




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