Response to Spammers

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to reply to the scum, er, bots that drop by and leave their droppings as comments to posts.  I guess that I should feel lucky in that they seem to drop these off on really old messages so you’ll probably never see them.

Here’s a few of the most recent ones.


In response to:  links for 2008-07-31, “webpage” says

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I have no idea how to respond to this at all.  Do spammers drink tequila? Their accents are working.


In response to:  A Fifth Anniversary, “Double Mattress” says

If the magic number turns out to be $600, this does not mean that you have to run out and spend $600. So if that’s the case then you really should think about doing it right. Don’t let the clerk give you a great price on just the mattress and box spring only
to make up for it by upping delivery charges and other fees. When you have identified that you need a new mattress, go out,
visit the shops and purchase a new one. One of the most necessary appliances that should be set up in a property (particularly when coping with some sort of hot metropolis area) is undoubtedly an air conditioning in Melbourne.

I suppose this is good advice whether it be Melbourne, Ontario or Melbourne, Australia.  I was following along this great advice about buying a mattress but the air conditioning bit came right out of left field.  I do feel that the response was incomplete.  Advice about a bed frame and pillows would have been helpful.  Also, what about bamboo?  That seems to be popular these days.


In response to:  A New Way to Browse Bookmarks, “Order Adiphene” says

Not because they will be changed into adipose tissue, but because excess protein in your diet causes you to burn more protein and stare more fat. So, I know you are going to ask in desperation, is there any diet pill that works fast and yet doesn’t need any prescription to buy it. I appeared into Adiphene to find the reality about its fats- and calorie-burning results.

OK, I’ll admit it.  I did look up “Adiphene” to see just what the heck the topic of discussion was.  I’m not sure of the circular logic that excess protein causes you to burn more protein but staring at fat sounds interesting.  BBQ season is on us in SouthWest Ontario.

I’d really rather not like to take the pills though…I find that dog walking can be helpful.


In response to:  OTR Links 08/02/2013, “Family Bible” says

Remarkable things here. I am very happy to look your article.

Thank you so much and I am taking a look forward to contact
you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

I think that “Family Bible” would have more credibility about talking about my articles if he/she/it responded to an actual article rather than one of my OTR Links posts…  I’m almost about to drop an “e-mail” (does anyone even hyphenate that anymore?), except no email address was given.  Sigh.

I still don’t understand their goal.  The comments aren’t even interesting or literate enough to warrant clicking back to their website which I always figured was their goal in dropping the spam in the first place.  I always feel guilty even writing these posts – that’s far more attention than they deserve.  But, if you’re a reader and don’t have your own blog, you don’t get to enjoy the nonsense that gets dropped off every now and again.

Sadly, the defense to this stuff results in extra effort required of legitimate responders and inflicting extra work on you just doesn’t seem right.  So, I just spam it and move along.

The joys of having a blog.


OTR Links 05/26/2014

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