My wife is very good about staying out of the room when I’m in a Google Hangout planning for the #BIT14 Conference.  She hears either me or Cyndie and knows that it’s going to be a long one and enjoys the peace and quiet of not having me around.

This morning, she heard me talking and stayed away.  When the conversation kept going and going, she decided to drop in and see what was up.  Imagine her surprise when it was just me talking to my computer!

I was playing around with a recent Google Experiment for Chrome called “Spell Up“.  This is very cool and I’ll confess to losing all track of time.

Think of it as the ultimate Spelling Bee but not in a Scripps way with young kids showing off.  It’s you and your computer running Google Chrome and the application.

At varying levels and difficulties, you’re presented with various word challenges.  It might be spelling a word, unscrambling a word or filling in the missing letters.  (And maybe more that I haven’t found yet!)

The intriguing part is that you’re not working at the keyboard in the traditional sense of computer word games.  It’s you, your speakers and your microphone.

Instructions for the current puzzle are given to you via audio clue and you speak the answer.

This has hooks that just reached into me and I’m now addicted.

You can play it anonymously or login to keep your place.

It was a great deal of fun.  I know that my voice can be nasal at time and did find that the program had trouble distinguishing between Fs and Ss.  Other than that, it performed so nicely for me.  The concept is to keep adding words to the pile and see how big you can make it.  Levels of difficulty mean that I was never bored.

Who doesn’t like a good word game?  I’m sure that you will.  And, in the classroom, where language activities are always welcome, this will make for a nice addition.

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