For Fun – and Mathematics

This was a real "blast from the past" for me. This week, Google celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube.  Who doesn't remember the frustration of trying to solve this exasperating puzzle?  I can recall friends who took theirs, tore off the little coloured stickers and reapplied them as one way to "solve" the … Continue reading For Fun – and Mathematics


OTR Links 05/21/2014

what would you like to talk about during our twitter chat? RT @mcguirp: Our new poll - all you #bit14 peeps need to show up! May 21 8:00PM #ocsb #edchat tags: ocsb bit14 edchat 32 years ago, experts foresaw much of today’s digital world | Pew Research Center 32 Years Ago, Experts Foresaw … Continue reading OTR Links 05/21/2014