Hopscotch – REALLY Big News

One of my fun activities is to fire up the Hopscotch Application on my iPad and just mess about, writing little programs just to see what I can do.  There’s no particular purpose except to push what I can do and know about the application.  It helps when you have a discussion with others and, I’ll say it – it’s just fun.  I had shared my thoughts about the application here.  My opinions still stand but have now been amplified.

Any good application has a good support system and the Hopscotch website certainly does this and, lately, there has been a tease about big things coming.

So, naturally, when the upgrade was available, I grabbed it.

All that I can say is, wow!

Rules, Abilities, Blocks, Libraries, Previews – you may not even recognize the application if you’ve used it before.

Even the overall look to the environment adds a big level of sophistication.

I know that, sitting on the couch, tilting and shaking, I may look a little silly.  But it’s a good silly and a great deal of fun.

If you’ve used Hopscotch before, you’ll absolutely want to grab this upgrade.  If you haven’t but have always wanted to do some programming on your iPad, now’s the time.  You won’t be disappointed.


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