This Week in Ontario Edublogs – To The Moon

Earlier this week, I had posted the Google Tribute to Teachers, just in time for Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.  It’s too bad that it’s limited to just a day or a week.  It should be an event that’s held everyday!  The big idea here was taking students “to the moon”.  In my post on the topic, I shared a specific “To the Moon” moment that I used to enjoy as a computer science teacher and I challenged any blogger who happened to read the post to share a moment of their own and leave me a note as to where I might find it.

There were four really good reflections and they were all from Ontario Educators.  Here they are, in the order that I found them.

My To the Moon Story
Jonathan So was the first off the mark and tells a story about social justice in his classroom.

I won’t spoil the whole story – go to Jonathan’s blog and read it.  You’ll feel that much better as a teacher for the things that you do.

To The Moon, But Sharing The Lead!

Aviva Dunsiger also shared her thoughts.  She questioned whether she should take the entire responsibility herself or if it’s shared with her students.

She shared a story about inquiry and the human body.

You’ve got to check out her blog to see how it all came together.  I can understand how the students went “to the moon” with that activity.

My “To The Moon” Moment

Roland Chidiac is honest.  He’s had a lot of “to the moon” moments.

What I thought was interesting was that he didn’t need to wait until Teacher Appreciation to blog about it.  He already had!

My “To The Moon with Google”

Tina Zita had a different take with her story.  She made it very personal about a career choice.


There’s a twist at the end of the story that resulted in tears.

Thanks, Jonathan, Aviva, Roland, and Tina for taking the challenge and sharing your thoughts with your readers.  I hope that you get a few more visits as people get curious as to how your story ends (or continues).

Check out Jonathan, Aviva, Roland and Tina’s blogs and all of the Ontario Edublogs from this Livebinder.

There’s always good reading to be had there.  I start my morning reading there every day.

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