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I never tire of reading the great posts from people throughout the province.  This week is no exception.  Here, in case you missed it, are some of the wonderful posts that I enjoyed.  Not inclusive, but just in case you missed them.

Art & Integrity

Colleen Rose shared a reflection from an art lesson she had with her students.  I think this is just such an example of what can/should be done when teachers blog.  It’s a thought about what made the lesson special.  Those thoughts accumulate over time and make one a better teacher just for reflecting.  And, if it’s written in a blog, it’s there for good and for reference in the future.

The lesson was about artist Andy Goldsworthy (who I had never heard of before) and Colleen shares a YouTube video about “River and Tides”.  Some really interesting thinking happened on this end of the wire so many thanks, Colleen.

In particular, I really love this quote that she shared.

If we present nothing but perfection to our students, we are starving their creative spirit.

That’s really something to think about.

Reflections on #EdCampSault

Another of my favourite  Northern Ontario bloggers, Brandon Grasley, shared his thoughts about the organization and implementation of the first EdCamp in the Sault.  The first time for anything is always a challenge but it’s awesome that there were people to take that first step.  They’ll walk away with a whole bunch of “we won’t forget that next year”s and ideas for how to make it better.

But just remember that, if you don’t do the first one, you don’t get a chance to make it better.

Having organized a lot of professional learning events, the one thing that you have to remember – and it’s crucial – is to have good food.  Good food forgives a lot of oversights.

When I look at the picture of the dessert tray, I know that people walked away happy.  The real challenge will be making it happen again.  Best of luck for 2015

Looks like tech, feels like people: #tllp2014 & #tdsbgafe Part 1

Diana Maliszewski was dressed surprisingly conservatively for her participation in the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program.  The gathering was a chance to learn and share with other educators in from the TLLP program.  I’ve seen plenty of discussions about the TLLP program and it almost always evolves around the technology that goes into the program.

Diane was insightful enough to go beyond that and recognize that the success is also depending upon the people involved.

I think she absolutely nails it when she says:

However, what struck me most during the two and a half days was the importance of connecting with people.

I hope that the Ministry is listening to voices like Diana’s.  You can throw a lot of money at technology and the companies will take every penny that you’ve got.  But, if you’re going to be successful, you have to leverage the possible connections.  That has to be more than putting every teacher in the district in the same hall at the same time.  It has to involve small groups of like minded people who define and work toward reasonable goals with their projects.  Then, you need to make the learning sustainable and able to grow.  No more one and done.

Looks like tech, feels like people: #tllp2014 & #tdsbgafe Part 2

In a subsequent post, Diana shares her learnings from a Toronto District School Board Google event.

Once again, she does a nice job mixing people and technology as she saw it at the event.

In the post, she shares one takeaway from each of the sessions that she attends.

I had to smile as I read them – I often wonder what would happen at events like this if everyone shared one takeaway as an exit card.  Would all the takeaways be similar?  How could it be done in the most productive way possible?  As a presenter, you’d know the hits and misses for sure.

Getting Kids to Code

In Brian Aspinall’s blog, you’ll find this link.

Selection_181Brian’s collecting web resources designed to get kids coding as well as the actual application to make it happen.  You’ll want to bookmark this one.  (or tuck it away in Diigo / Delicious)

Again, another wonderful week of reading and sharing from Ontario Edubloggers.  Thanks to everyone who continues to blog for the purpose of public enlightenment.  Please take the time to visit the original posts at the links above or view the entire list of Ontario Edubloggers at this Livebinder.

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