May 21st #BIT14 Twitter Chat

Last Wednesday evening, the third is a series of Twitter chats leading into the November BringIT, Together conference was held. Chat moderator @mcguirp kept the conversation focussed and the topic this time was about Makerspaces. It's certainly a very hot topic in education at present and the #bit14 Twitterers were all over it.  Some interesting … Continue reading May 21st #BIT14 Twitter Chat


OTR Links 05/24/2014

I'm at The Norris Whitney Bridge (Belleville, ON) I'm at The Norris Whitney Bridge (Belleville, ON) tags: OTR Links 05/23/2014 | doug --- off the record OTR Links 05/23/2014 tags: Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.