History By Driving Around

You know, just by biking, driving, or walking along you can learn a bit of history just by keeping your eyes open.  It’s been particularly interesting in the Amherstburg area during the celebrations of the War of 1812.  There are little bits and pieces available everywhere. 

In particular, I’m talking today about the plaques that dot the Ontario landscape.  I’m always taking pictures when I run across them – it’s one of the ways that I remember trips that I’ve been on.  For example, I took this one in Stratford when at the Festival last year to see Merchant of Venice.

What’s really cool is that there is a repository online so that you don’t have to actually visit the places yourself.  (Although it’s a great deal more fun if you do…)

Looking for a plaque?  Check out Ontario Plaques.  It’s a huge collection of pictures of plaques from all over the province.  While I’d like to invite y’all for a walking tour of Amherstburg, you can check out our collection at this link.

What a wonderful way to experience snippets of history from your keyboard.  Search by a location or a topic or, what the heck, look for a location on a Google Map with a pin dropped at every location indexed.

I’ll confess.  I went to Amherstburg and, while I recognized so many of the plaques, there were a few that I had no idea about.

Sounds like a cycling trip around town is in order!


OTR Links 05/11/2014

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