How do you know what you don’t know?

It’s Victoria Day in Canada.  In education, that marks the final run to the end of the school year.  For most, it’s the beginning of a time of reflection – how did my classes do this year, what were the successes, what do I need to make sure I do again next years, what did I learn this year professionally…

Gust Mees wrote a blog post a while ago “Is My Professional Development Up-To-Date?”.  It’s a long post, and written in his style.  I’ll include a link to it later in this post.

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It’s an interesting question that he poses.  

How would you answer the question on a personal level?

In the course of his post, he even fires a shot…

but ONLY a few shows a real understanding, competencies, about what they are doing; even the so called “Edu-Stars” in certain countries!

Unfortunately, he doesn’t name names so it’s hard to understand the context.  I know that Gust reads this blog periodically so perhaps he will share some more insights.  Anyone I know?

Back to his original question.  My answer, on a personal level, would have to be no.  The rationale for my answer in ingrained in my nature.  I’m always reading and I think learning something every day.  I try to take that learning to the next level by writing about topics on a regular basis.  

In my mind, it goes back to the title of this post.  There’s so much that I don’t know.  It just takes interacting with others or doing some reading to recognize that there’s a whole world of learning just waiting for me.

You can do your own pondering by reading his post here.  


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