To The Moon with Google

This video appeared in my reading this morning and I see that it’s been favourited and retweeted many times.  Chances are, you’ve already seen it – educators will make this one go viral, I’m sure.  It’s a wonderful tribute to our profession.

Let’s take it a bit further.

I would challenge all bloggers reading this post to post it on your blog or whatever your favourite web presence is so that so many can watch and enjoy.  Of course, you have to love the Canadian connection.

But, I’d like to challenge you to take it a step further.  Tell your own “To The Moon” story in your blog or Google Plus or other online place.  We’ve all had them – otherwise, we wouldn’t have kept up the pace for the time we did.

For me, as a computer science teacher, it happened regularly.  In the computer science classroom, you get some uniquely inspired students.  I often think that, in Ontario, it attracts such great students because it’s not a compulsory course!  They’re there because they’re genuinely interested in the discipline.  (or Guidance couldn’t schedule anything else in their timetable)

In computer science, well pushed and motivated students constantly are hitting the wall.  They always want to take their programming to the next level.  You give a problem to solve and often they need another piece in the puzzle to make the solution possible.  (or easier or more efficient or better looking)  That’s where the teacher steps in and takes them “to the moon”.  By applying this particular logic, using these concepts, or an introduction to a new language construction, they’re off and running, sometimes literally, to try it out and make their programs all that much better. It’s like you’ve just opened the blinds and the sun comes streaming through.

A specific example that comes to mind is the introduction of arrays.  It’s a pretty abstract concept for the teen mind but I used to build to the need to understand arrays by programs with simple variables that just scream – use an array!  Once exposed, it opens an exciting world and takes the student efforts to the next level.  As a teacher, it’s one of those topics that really elevate the discipline and it’s so exciting to see the lights go on.

As a computer science teacher, you walk a little higher off the ground and enjoy singing away as you head home.  You made their computer science lives richer on that day.

So, my challenge – what’s your story?  Please tell it on your blog and share your link here in reply.  If you don’t have a blog or online presence currently, share it in the replies below.  We’ve all had those moments – let’s share them.

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