A Feature I’m Not Likely To Use

There has been a great deal made about Twitter’s addition of the “Mute” function.  It’s available via Twitter’s web interface, iOS and Android applications.  So, if I want to mute my friend Aviva, I could just access the … menu and select Mute and I no longer have to hear from her.


When I heard about this feature, I really struggled with why anyone would want to use it.  I follow people because I enjoy their sharing.  If someone upsets or insults me, I just unfollow them.  Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough to think that there are other ways of interacting without listening.

The Guardian lists “13 reasons to mute people on Twitter“.  I don’t see any reason in that list that would apply to me.  Like I say, upset me and you’re toast.  It’s pretty much black and white for me.

In reality, the function doesn’t actually apply to me anyway.  I don’t use the Twitter interface.  Instead, I use Hootsuite or Twittelator and neither of these products supports the mute feature.

Now, I know that there are probably good reasons to mute me!  I do a great deal of sharing through my timeline.  My actions might be interpreted as noisy or spammy.  If it is, go ahead and unfollow me.  I won’t know; I won’t really care.

As for me, unless someone comes up with a good reason or strategy that makes sense, I won’t be muting anybody.  I value their thoughts and comments.  That’s why I followed them in the first case.

If I’m missing something, please let me know.  I’m usually the last person to figure stuff out anyway.


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