An Interview with Tom D’Amico

In case you missed it... ...over the summer, I had the opportunity to interview Tom D'Amico, a superintendent with the Ottawa Catholic School Board.  I know that many people turn off their reading over the summer so thought I'd republish this interview once the school year started. You can find a list of all of [...]

Hour of Code 2014 (Reblog)

The Hour of Code for 2014 is coming.  Teachers and students from all over will be using classroom tools to get a flavour for what coding/programming is all about.There's no one language that we've come to agreement on that would be perfect.  So, we're all over the map with this one!  Choose one and do [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

From a spammer this week...I know this site gives quality based articles or reviews and other information, is there any other web site which gives these kinds of data in quality?Why yes.  Yes, there is.  They're called Ontario Edubloggers.  If you had looked around, you might have found these blog posts this week.Make it a [...]

Curating Groundhogs

Lest you think that the Super Bowl is the only event today, Wiarton Willie will pop to see his shadow before sitting down in front of the tube.  Here's a "Post from the Past" about Groundhog Day resources.  Will the day lose its excitement for children because it happens on the weekend or will the [...]

Richer Blog Posts

Right now, my blogging editor of choice is ScribeFire which is an extension / addon for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome whichever happens to be open when the blogging moment comes along.  Similarly, it is independent on the computer that I'm using - Macintosh, Ubuntu, or Windows. One of the nice features that ScribeFire had was [...]