Thank You–Milestone

Yesterday, around noon, I checked into the blog to see if there were any comments that needed addressing and noted that the counter read…


Now, that’s kind of cool. According to the documentation, WordPress doesn’t count your own visits. I decided to test that assertion and refresh the page and the number stayed at 99,999.  So, that makes it even cooler.  I wish I had a horn.  You see, math nerd that I am, I’ve always delighted in catching the odometer of the car when it reads a palindrome and just give the horn a little toot.  I know, I know, … but I’ll bet you have your quirks too.

There really wasn’t anything to do with the blog so I did a couple of other things and then checked back in before I left to see…


I wonder if people checked in during lunch or something.

But, you’ll recall that I do have Feedjit on the blog so I should be able to figure out who number 100,000 was.  Counting backwards, it seems to have been.


So, thanks to whoever has an IP address from Albany for dropping in.

Now, I know that that number doesn’t mean much in the big scheme of things.  But, it still is a bit of a milestone for me.  I’ve often been asked who the inspiration is for my blogging style.  At the risk of dating myself, I’d like to think it was the great Jerry Pournelle who used to write for Byte Magazine about things that came from Chaos Manor.  I remember someone once described Dr. Pournelle as someone “who could never get anything to work the first time”.  But, he would stick to it in his story and described how he got it to work and then what he did with it.  I love his sense of transparency and have tried to do that sort of thing in my own writing.  After all, if something is going to be useful with a bit of work, why should everyone have to go through the same processes?

I am truly humbled that there have been this many visitors and that so many of you are regulars.  While I don’t think that the goal of an amateur online contributor is in the numbers, there is a good feeling that my efforts have not gone for naught.  So, please accept my sincere thanks for dropping by.

4 thoughts on “Thank You–Milestone

  1. Hey, Doug!

    Thank YOU for putting the milestone there in the first place! You had to pass by many previous milestones to get to 100,000 — right? And the pleasure is in the journey, and all that …

    I know that many of us start our day reading Off the Record, and we appreciate all the hard work, dedication, and effort that you devote each day to sharing your new-found links and thoughts.

    Sincere best wishes to you and your continued support to educators! Well done!

    P.S. It’s your turn in #WwF


  2. Hi Doug,
    What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations! I agree with Andrew that we all owe you a big “Thank you”! I do start my day by reading Off the Record and do appreciate all of your thoughts on the numerous topics discussed! It keeps me thinking about what is possible in this ever changing world!
    I look forward to many more milestones to come!
    As always, we appreciate everything you do!


  3. CONGRATULATIONS again Doug! Apparently, I was a little too early on the props yesterday – you were only ay 99,986!

    Keep on keepin’ on, as they say.

    Thanks for keeping all of us with you on that journey.


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