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You know, web design over the years has taken on some significant changes and not always for the better.  There was a time when text reigned.  That was the fastest internet access that we’ve ever enjoyed!  To be honest, for many web resources, I still do.

Then, we entered the years of animations that flipped and spun around the screen with background music that had no other purpose other than to prove that it could be done.

Probably the biggest advent of functionality and annoyance has been the introduction of Flash to websites.  There are absolutely times when Flash works nicely.  Personally, I like it as a way of having button that work rather than another methods but I do have to draw the line at sites that are entirely encoded in Flash for no apparent reason.  No interaction, no navigation, just Flash for the sake of Flash.

I enjoy visiting new musician artists’ websites.  There are some really unpromoted talents on the horizon and I really enjoy listening to their music.  I enjoy it when there’s a free mp3 download to support the cause.  I like to support them.

Today, I had a new follower on Twitter and decided to check out their website.  I’ve been annoyed in the past but this time it went well over the top.  Entirely written in Flash, it seemed to call module after module.  Even if you’ve visited a section of the website, everything had to be loaded again.  I got tired of looking at:

and finally abandoned the site.  I know that I don’t have the fastest internet provider in the world but this was ridiculous.  Just looking at a couple of preview images of the group, a bio, and a tour section (none of which were enhanced at all by the use of Flash) took over 20 minutes.  As for the rest of the site, I took a pass.  Maybe if and when the group makes something I like and the tunes are available at an online seller, I’ll snag the music.  Unfortunately, if the group doesn’t become commercial, I’ll never be able to enjoy it.

I think that all web presences need to be viewed with a critical eye towards functionality.  Other than the developer who might work her/his way through the site at desktop speeds, I wonder if anyone evaluated the design of this particular site.  The graphics inside the Flash animations were OK, but grew old quickly and definitely didn’t have the sort of appeal that would have me returning to see if there was something new onsite.  I feel sorry for the artist who rightfully decided that a web presence was needed.  But, the company that put all of this inflated bulk should really take another look at what they’re doing.

There’s a great deal of intelligence and thought that should go into great designs.  But, there’s a lot of evil and bad will that can be had if it’s done the wrong way.

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