New Ways to Read Blogger

When I posted earlier about how WordPress now presents a very attractive front end for users visiting with iPads, I had a couple of comments from people who lamented choosing to use Blogger as a blogging platform.  They were taken with the innovation that was shown in WordPress blogs.

Never fear … Google provides its own bit of innovation to spice up the viewing of Blogger blogs.  In fact, there are five new ways to see these blogs on your screen.  I’ve taken pictures of my favourite Blogger blog and shown them below.  The blog?  Paul Cornies’ Quoteflections Blog.  It’s a great blog, filed under Alltop’s “Good” Category and I can’t recommend highly enough that it’s worth a daily visit.  Paul has the blogging habit and there’s something different every day.

Now, with the new functionality from Blogger, you can enjoy his works in five different ways.

TimeSlide –

Snapshot –

Sidebar –

Mosaic –

Flipcard –

The only things that you’re missing via these previews are the animations and great content from Paul’s blog.

You’ll notice that the links to each of the blogs start with the base URL and then add a “/view/” to the end of it.  I would suggest that bloggers decide which of the layouts they think best suits their content and then grab a custom or or other shortener and advertise the link to their blog using that.

What a great addition to the Blogger family!  I wish that WordPress had this.  <grin>

The real winners in this is the visitor to the blogs where a new interesting looking graphical interface awaits.  I like it when competing platforms try to outdo each other.  It makes it so good for the rest of us.

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