I Repeat–Don’t Do Stupid Things

Yesterday, the Ontario College of Teachers, the professional body that oversees the teaching profession in Ontario issued a news release announcing a “Professional Advisory on the Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media” for its members.  As could be expected, conversations were immediately abuzz with with thoughts and comments about the content.  It was interestingContinue reading “I Repeat–Don’t Do Stupid Things”

OTR Links for 04/12/2011

How to Buy Microsoft Office for Cheap Here are some tips and ideas for getting a totally-legal discount off of the world’s most popular productivity suite: tags: microsoft office cheap The Four Os: a Four-Step Guide to Successful Blogging My blogging philosophy, the Four Os, has guided FanSiders for years. Hopefully, this blogging code willContinue reading “OTR Links for 04/12/2011”