Cobra in the News

For the past while, the cobra that went missing from the Bronx Zoo has been in the media. Everywhere in the media!  It makes sense that the New York media covered it but the story even made it to our local Windsor Star in the form of a collection of pictures that documented where the cobra reported her travels.

How did she report? With her own Twitter account, of course.

In tribute to all this media, I decided to create a little media of my own. I put this all together solely on the iPad. I’m writing this on BlogPress. The media is assembled in the fabulous Strip Designer application. The content was retrieved from my Diigo account and Amplify links and added after editing by the Photoshop Express application.

Here goes….

I learned a great deal about the software putting this post together.  It is a powerful suite of tools and certainly replicable in the classroom.

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OTR Links for 04/04/2011

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