Infographic Yourself

Update:  Please try the link on a computer and not an Apple iDevice.  It uses Flash to generate the infographic.  Thanks @buttercuphll for pointing out the frustration. On Fridays, I like to focus on one of a couple of things.  Either it’s about Ontario Educators or something graphical.  This week, it’s graphical but I wouldContinue reading “Infographic Yourself”

OTR Links for 04/01/2011

FREE — Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government Free US Federal Resources for Educational Excellence tags: resources education lessonplans curriculum reference science socialstudies learning Newest Links MyLinkVault is a free online favorites manager. Other favorites managers can be so clumsy to use – trying to rearrange your favorites can be slow andContinue reading “OTR Links for 04/01/2011”