Sure it can

This isn't supposed to work according to the error message that I get when I plugged it in but it does. Part of the challenge of blogging on the iPad is tap, tap, tapping the keystrokes on the screen But, I have this adapter that's supposed to be for connecting a digital camera to the [...]

Another Sad Passing

I can't believe that I'm writing to say goodbye to yet another old friend.  This time, it's the Flock browser. I was a very early adopter of Flock.  This goes back to the days when the upstart Firefox browser was the best alternative to using Internet Explorer.  At the time, I was using Twhirl as [...]

OTR Links for 04/16/2011

Titanic sinking to be tweeted in real time - Technology & Science - CBC News Today is the 99th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and you'll be able to follow the disaster unfold on Twitter. tags: sinking titanic twitter Faveous | The place for everything you like. Faveous collects your favorite from Twitter, [...]