Funny, Disappointed, but Got a Good App

One of my favourite timewaster forms of entertainment is to browse Reddit.  It’s definitely not a resource that will appeal to everybody.  Some of the language really pushes the limits but if you can get around that, some of the wittiest and most insightful comments can be found there.  I particularly like the "programming" forums. I’m just a lurker though.

To date, the only way that I dig into content there is through my Popurls page.  It’s one of the internet resources that I skim through looking for things of interest.

The sad part though is sitting on one end of the room laughing at content while I get puzzled looks from the other side of the room and a "Whaaaat?"  Then, I would have to either read it or hold up my laptop to show the image or something.  So, it was with great interest that I stumbled upon this page.

It’s a list of applications that support Airplay.  I thought immediately, this is great.  I could just broadcast what I’m looking onto the television and we could all jump in.  So, off to the App Store I went and was even more pleased to see that it was configured for iPad AND it was free.  It was a no brainer download.

I fired it up and flipped over to the input for the Apple TV.  I was excited to see what it looked like on television.  Alas, after searching high and low, I couldn’t find the icon.  So…it looks like one of two things – either it’s not supported or I can’t find it.

But, I do have another source for reading on my iPad.

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