Election Bitstrips

Ontario Teachers – you need to run to your BitstripsforSchools account!  Just in time for the Canadian Federal Elections, the Bitstrips for Schools team have put together a couple of template to let students create a comic letting candidates state their case!   and     The second strip, in particular, is of interest.  TheContinue reading “Election Bitstrips”

A Tale of Two Press Releases

It was earlier this month that the Ontario College of Teachers released an advisory entitled "Advisory on the Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media" accompanied by a YouTube video that delved into some of the issues.  The main stream media was all over it immediately with headlines like: Teachers told not to "friend" studentsContinue reading “A Tale of Two Press Releases”

OTR Links for 04/20/2011

http://surveys.ap.org/data/GfK/AP-Viacom%20Youth%20Study%20Topline_students%20grade%20the%20schools.pdf The AP-Viacom Survey of Youth on Education tags: youth education survey data http://backofawebpage.tumblr.com/ Ever wondered what the back of a webpage looks like? tags: tumblr backofawebpage fun What’s on the back of a web page Ever wondered what the back of a Google page looks like? Hitlantis. Who’s next? Visualize music from all genres.Continue reading “OTR Links for 04/20/2011”