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It was another great week of reading from Ontario Educators commenting on educational issues from their perspective.  I hope that you take the opportunity to read them regularly.  There is such great and inspiring content.  Here’s what I found particularly interesting.

From K-12 Educators
Stevan McCallum at Prospero’s Desk found a use for Storify.  I had used it earlier to restore the tweets from the Titanic reenactment.  In this case, the Grade 12U English students are using Twitter as they study The Handmaid’s Tale.  What a great use of Twitter to share their learnings and even better to use Storify to put them back together.

Scroll down and you can download the details of the assignment as well as the rubric outlining the TACK used to assess the assignment.

From Trustees and Higher Education
By the way, this is a category where we need more participants.  Please pass along the word.  There are equally as good relevant thoughts from that area as well.  This week, the timing was perfect for Robert Hunking to share his thoughts about whether there should be a time and place for educators NOT to blog.

I say that the timing is right given the advisory from the Ontario College of Teachers and the Press Release from the Ontario Educational Computing Organization of Ontario.

From Principals, Vice-Principals and Administrators
I was very anxiously awaiting this posting from Mark Carbone with respect to the above reference to the advisory from the Ontario College of Teachers.  Mark attended the live presentation hosted by OCT.  I felt sorry for Mark because he is an outspoken supporter of using Facebook appropriately with students in his district.  It’s one of the very few that have unblocked access to this service in order to use it as an educational tool.  He shared his thoughs about the OCT presentation.

From Consultants and SATs
Colleague Shelley Pike and her partner as special assignment teachers as mathematics coaches and I really like the openness and transparency in this post.  Shelley and Andrea are challenged to come up with an idea of what the Success Criteria would be in a particular lesson that they’re using.  They’re admitting to hitting the wall and are looking for some ideas.  This would be an awesome opportunity to help out if you can.

But don’t stop at these.  There are more great readings to be accessed at the LiveBinders site here.  Or, if you’re reading with a device that supports QR Codes, take a picture of this:

and navigate through the site.  As always, if you’re an Ontario Edublogger and want to be included, go to the LiveBinder site and add yourself and the URL to your blog.

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