Learning at a Wedding

Yesterday, like so many people world-wide, my wife and I took in the Royal Wedding.  I’m not big on weddings, but this is certainly was one not to be missed.  It was pretty timely as well since our own wedding was on an April 30th, one day after this one.  It’s funny how things are put into perspective – here the wedding dress and design were closely guarded secrets, with ours it was a question of whether my wife could get in and out of the car without getting grease on it.  The guest lists are big deals in both cases; you want to make sure that you invite the right people and not the crazy relatives.

It was with interest that we tuned in to watch.  There weren’t too many other options.  After flipping around a bit, I settled for what I knew I would at the outset to CBC.  There’s just something about Peter Mansbridge that makes you feel comfortable with his coverage.  He certainly had the background material and just enough off the cuff remarks that I could identify with!  So, after we noticed that it wasn’t raining and I oogled over the Rolls Royces, we settled in for the wedding.  It was 6am our time.

Just like a real wedding, though, it was tough to stay focussed and my ever present computer allowed me to learn as the event unfolded.  I ended up flipping through and reading quite a number of resources while keeping one eye on the television and the other on a stream of comments on Twitter about the dress.

If you’re a history buff, this would be the place to start.  So much has been collected and placed online to give an appreciation for this aspect of British History.

The Location – Streetview in addition to the television coverage is absolutely perfect for a walking tour.

The Vehicles – Rolls Royce – and thanks to Mr. Mansbridge, identifying the Phantom 6.

The Location – Westminster Abbey – There is so much history preserved there from weddings to coronations to funerals.  I found the section dealing with damage due to WWII interesting as well as the history behind funeral effigies.  The United Kingdom’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was certainly in focus during the processions.

The Archbishop of Canterbury – The Archbishop maintains a resource including his sermons and thoughts on his church.  Of interest is the interview with his thoughts about marriage and commitment.

The Palaces – Mr. Mansbridge speculated that the Royal couple might live in Kensington Palace so I had to check it out.  While there, I got distracted by the infamous Tower of London.

The Tudors – What would a history of British Monarchy be without a look at the Tudors?  I could only name 3 of the six wives of Henry VIII so a lookup was in order.

Succession to the Throne – The Queen looks great at 84 so hopefully, this won’t be necessary any time soon.  But, who is next in line?  Then, after that?  How did this all start?  You’ll notice that there’s no controversy over birth certificates here!  And, you’re definitely out if you have anything to do with a Roman Catholic.

The Official Site – And, of course, you have to have an “official site” for events like this.  Who got invited?  Where do they sit?

When the wedding was over, I was tired!  After reviewing this, I can see why.  There were other things that caught my eye as well but these were the highlights.  It was quite a day!


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