Keynotes from Symposium 2011

Here are the notes I took during Lee LeFever and Helen Barrett’s keynote addresses at Symposium 2011.  I took the notes using Evernote on the iPad.  They are my observations during their presentations.

Lee LeFever

I had the opportunity to introduce Lee.  One of the things that I tried to do was explain the importance of Entrepreneurship.  It’s the old Business teacher in me but it seems to me to be very important that he created his job by doing something new that was never done before – seize the moment, if you will.  We had a nice Commoncraft-like video that we used to introduce Lee.  That, and more, are on the RCAC Website at

* started in college in a business class – received a bad explanation of debits and credits by prof
* Commoncraft was originally a consultant for online social media
* Interested in RSS,blogs etc. but clients didn’t understand
* Forest and trees – if you look past the trees, you see the forest and the trees make more sense
* RSS tosubscribe to a website – easy to explain in technical terms
* Explanation problems – the geeks were explaining the technology
* When YouTube took off,they decided to use the short movie format
* First videos lit by bedroom lamps
* First video went viral after telling a few friends it was on YouTube
* Videos created on a monthly basis since 2007
* First video was Wikis in Plain English
* Second video was Google Docs in Plain English
* Custom videosfor companies who pay for the service
* Licensing of all of the videos as a business plan
* Commoncraft has a subscription service
* Commoncraft-style videos on YouTube
* Top suggestions – Copyright, Creative Commons, Web Browsers
* First steps – Research and stick to the big ideas
* Write a script -they use Google Docs
* Create Thumbnails of the videos and what they would look like
* Visuals – Into PowerPoint – Wacom tablet to draw the images
* Printthe 6 slide format in Powerpoint
* Visuals are printed from Powerpoint
* Cameras are attached to the wall so that bumping the table doesn’t misalign things
* Twitter Search in Plain English on YouTube
* Takes two days to shoot a video
* New Social Networking Video – includes Facebook
* What is Explanation – video is just a medium
* Explanation is a skill that can be honed and made better – you can be a better explainer
* Good explanations can change behaviour
* If you care about something, you’ll be motivated to do more
* “Made to Stick” – Chip Heath and Dan Heath
* Connect with a story of overcoming a problem and then celebrate success when they solve the problem
* Zoe Branigan-Pipe recorded a Pencast of Lee’s presentation and shares it here.

Sachi and Lee LeFever field questions from the audience during their breakout session.  At my request, they even opened a Google Document to show how they collaborate and edit to produce their scripts.

Helen Barrett

* Support of metacognition and deep learning
* “The Power of Portfolios” – Dr. Elizabeth Hebert
* Discussion around the table aout what we save for our children – so many results in common – pictures, report card, audio recording
* Your collection says a lot about what you value
* ePortfolio system – multiple portfolios for multiple purposes
* Reflection is the “heart and soul” of a portfolio
* Dewey “We do not learn by experience but by reflecting on experience.”
* “The Art of Changing the Brain” – James Zull
* metacognition lies at the root of all learning
* The Manaiakalani Project Research – What is the impact of the project on literacy teaching and learning
* Many students start their digital portfolio before they’re born – on Facebook
* Facebook is becoming an online portfolio – image posting
* Forbes Online – 5 Reasons why your online presence will replace your resume in 10 years
* ePortfolio is both process and product
* Digital Tools for ePortfolios – Docs, Sites, Blog, Workspace
* Innovations in Education – British Columbia Ministry of Education
* Timeline for rolling out ePortfolios
* Is the Future of ePortfolio Development in your Pocket?
* ePortfolios should be more conversation than presentation
* Do your ePortfolios have choice and voice?

Dr. Barrett shows the importance of reflection in the creation of electronic portfolios.

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