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I’m so thankful for the group of blogging Ontario Educators that are in the Livebinder list.  There’s great content there regularly although, there are a few blogs that could, ahem, use some attention!

From Consultants and SATs
I frequently start my morning reading by skipping over to Paul Cornie’s Quoteflections blog.  He’s taken on a new angle by taking inspirational quotations, giving original credit, and then using Wordle to present the content in a word cloud.  It’s always inspirational – I don’t know where he gets his content but I always enjoy it.  Today’s entry is advice for everyone – “Keep a Vision”


From K-12 Teachers
I did not know of this new Canadian Book Publisher until I read about it in Diana Maliszewski’s blog.  Pajama Press is an interesting name for a publishing company.  Regardless, it’s nice to see another Canadian startup in this industry.  I wonder and I hope that as a publisher they’re very sensitive to what is happening in the publishing industry and that their business model includes more than printed materials.  As a new entity, they may not have the baggage that traditional publishers carry and can perhaps head in new directions.  Hopefully, they can blaze and lead in a new direction.


From Principals, VPs, and Administrators
It had been a month since Rob DeLorenzo had posted to his blog.  He hit the ground again with some reflections about his use of Twitter as a Mobile Learning Platform.  He talks about the possibilities with the medium and may be preaching to the choir with some readers.


But, there are always newcomers to this learning environment.  This post would be helpful for that newcomer who is asking why and how…

From Trustees and Higher Education
I’m going to call my own number on this one.  Earlier this week, I had shared my thoughts about the announcement that the Government of Canada had released guidelines for the use of Web 2.0.  I had hoped that it would generate some discussion but the blank in the quotation bubble lets you know that there were no comments at all.

Even at this point in time, I know that boards and schools are wrestling with writing / revising their own acceptable use policies.  The government takes the lead by putting together a very comprehensive document.  I think that the document really models the sort of philosophy that should go into a document if you must have one.  And, the bottom line remains – don’t do stupid things.


Read these blogs at the LiveBinder site or the ScoopIT site.  There are 58 blogs that I’ve found and added so far.  If you know of another Ontario Edublog that should be part of the list, please let me know.

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