Welcome back, JLB…

One of the things that I do on my Friday posts is poke around the list of Ontario Educators’ Blogs looking for interesting blog entries to help promote them on my blog.  I was fearful that it might be slim pickings for this entry as it’s a holiday for the Christmas season and many folks have put the keyboards away to enjoy the time with family and friends.

But, as I was reading the latest entries from people, I happened upon @jeanbont‘s latest entry.  JLB and I go back in our online and professional connections further than either of us would care to mention.  I was taken aback by the content in the first paragraph.  I had no idea.

As I continued to read, it really confirmed the sorts of things that I’ve always felt about social media, education, and those educators who see the light and jump in.  It’s a terrific and a neverending stream of opportunities to learn and make connections.  To walk away from from it would take a great deal of willpower.

But, he’s back.  I now have someone to forward the corny puns that he uses with his classes regularly.  It’s great to see that he’s jumped back in, is blogging again, and adding to his Delicious account.  He even hopped in and got one of the Ontario Educator Blog badges that I offered to create for anyone.

I like reading about his effort to rejoin us and certainly am happy that he made the decision that he did.  Welcome back, JLB.

If you have a moment, how about posting a welcome back message on his blog or retweet this entry?

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