We Need a Badge

Last night was another great night chatting with Educational Leaders using the hashtag #OntCL.  It was another night of great discussions and attendance seemed to be even larger than the previous chat.  Hopefully, the popularity of this will continue to grow.  There are so many topics of interest for discussion and everyone is jumping in.

Of special interest to me are the number of Ontario Educational Bloggers that were there.  It’s really exciting to see them all in one spot sharing ideas at the same time.

It occurred to me – we need a badge.  Nothing says you’re a blogger like having a badge on your blog!  So, I took my enthusiasm (which I have a great deal of) and my artistic ability (which I have very little of) and whipped up a badge that I’m about to share with you.



My source data for this?  It’s the collection of blogs that appear in the Ontario Educational Bloggers LiveBinder or Scoopit page.  I actually used the chat to send out the link to the LiveBinder where there’s a form for new folks to add themselves to the Ontario Twitter List.  And, if they care to, they can add their blog URL to appear in the lists.  Some of those in the chat retweeted it and there were a few new teachers and blogs to add today.  The great list keeps growing.  Now, that badge is a little big so a more manageable size would be this.


It kind of grows on you.

Anyway, if you’d like one, DM (dougpete) your request and the exact spelling of your blog name and I’ll get back to you with your personalized copy.  Let’s celebrate the great efforts of Ontario Educational Bloggers.

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