A World of Twittering

It’s another Sunday of footbal.  When you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan, you don’t really have to put forth a huge amount of attention to the game after the first few possessions and so the mind starts to wander.  My go-to application for monitor and sharing content on Twitter is Seesmic Web.  

As I was watching the Twitter messages come through, I happened to notice the number of ways that people post to Twitter.  The service has generated so many applications, buttons, and ways to post.  It’s really been a great industry.  I send a few messages myself and I know that I do it in a variety of ways.  But, just how many on a typical Sunday?  I skimmed up and down my “Sent” column to see.  What’s cool about the Seesmic products is they let you know the tool that was used to send the message.  So, here’s how I flood my little corner of Twitter with what I do!

This comes as the answer to “Don’t you ever sleep?  You post at all hours.”  The answer is – absolutely. I have robots working for me!  In this case, I have Diigo posting to my blog nightly with a list of things that I’ve bookmarked the previous day.  DLVT.IT monitors the blog and when there’s a new post, it sends out a notification message to Twitter.

And, while on the robotic theme, sometime during the day or evening, if there’s something I want to share, I’ll use a client to post a blog message to my blog.  I have it scheduled for 5am delivery (further pushing the notion of not sleeping <grin>).  Of course, once it’s posted, DLVR.IT lets Twitter know about it.

Over my morning coffee, I’ll flip my way through my Zite personalized magazine.  If there’s a story that I’m reading and I want to spend a little more time on it or I want to let others know about the story, I’ll ask Zite to share it for me.  I’m thinking this could be interesting for people to wake up one morning to a new browser.  I wonder if the 1% who don’t will be schools with locked down desktops?

I used to have a lot of button sitting on my Google Chrome toolbar.  One to send to Diigo, another for Delicious, another for Twitter, another for … you get the picture.  I replaced them all with Shareaholic.  Now, if I find something in my browser I’d like to act on, I just right click and select the desired service.  Twitter and Diigo are definitely the most used.  I just wish that Amplify was one of the tools.

Speaking of Amplify, I have another little blog on the go at dougpete.amplify.com.  It’s just a place where I bookmark and then share a resource.  Unlike a simple Twitter sharing, Amplify gets between the click and the article.  In that space, I can throw my two cents worth in.

Tweet Button
You probably see these all over the place.  It’s a way to directly put a button on an article so that people can share it without too much effort.  It’s how Trapit lets you do some sharing.  As noted previously in this blog, I have a number of traps set to tuck away things for me to read.  If there’s a great read, I’ll share it.

I use Scoopit as a way to easily curate a couple of topics.  One is the Ontario Educators’ Blog collection and the other is a collection of great resources for QR Codes.  One of the things that Scoopit does is let you share your scoops with others. 


I know that this was controversial when it came out.  Many people felt they were being spammed just for being active on Twitter.  Fortunately, Paper.li built in an opt-out feature for those that do.  I create a couple of Paper.lis daily, again by robot, for the folks that I follow and also from the Ontario Educators’ list.  I figure that there’s a lot of great curating going on by others – why not take advantage of it?  Paper.li puts the results in a digital newspaper format.

For no other reason than to let the kids know where I am ….  On this Sunday, we took the dog for a walk to one of our favourite Essex County places – Colchester Beach.

Web version on the Mac in Google Chrome and Seesmic Desktop 2 on my Windows computer.  This is where I do some serious Twittering.  I had a great discussion with Tim King about technology use.  It resulted in him expanding his thoughts on a blog post.  I might use that as an impetutus for one of my own some day.


And, I was playing Words with Friends with @aforgrave on my iPod Touch and elected to continue my discussion with Tim there.  I purchased Twittelator a while back and it’s my portable mainstay.

 I wonder if this post would be this long or thoughtful if the Vikings were actually winning.  This pretty much sums up a day of using Twitter (so far, the Lions are up next).  It’s amazing the number of virtual places and ways that you can share your thoughts.  Once it becomes a habit, it is so easy to do.

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