Angry Advent Birds and More

OK, I threw in the Advent part.  If you’re playing Angry Birds in your Google Chrome Browser, you should have noticed a new set of games.  The implementation is just like the Advent calendars that we used to get as kids!  You know, the ones where there’s a chocolate hidden behind the numbers from 1-Christmas Day.

This new version of Angry Birds gives you a puzzle a day to solve.  Not only that, but there are some enjoyable comics to go along with the project.  It’s very nicely done.  If you’re using Chrome and haven’t started already, install and open Angry Birds and get caught up.  Just a word of warning though – maybe it’s just that you get a single level a day – these are tough.

Looking for an Advent calendar with some educational value?  Check out Woodlands Junior’s offering on their page devoted to all kinds of Christmas things.  To date, it’s been an interesting geography investigation behind the days reveal.

And, surprises are hidden behind the numbered stockings in the Boowa and Kwala free Advent Calendar.  

Advent calendars are fun to work with at home with little kids and display nicely and form all kinds of activities for emergent counters when paired with an interactive white board.  

OTR Links 12/05/2011

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