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I ran across this image on Flickr.  I’m posting it here on my blog for sharing and also so that I don’t lose it.  I think it would be perfect for printing and posting on a classroom wall for anyone using social media in the classroom.  The image is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution license by Garry Baker, Hiromi Hosoi, Joy Seed & Mitch Norris.  The product is very well done.  Kudos to the group for the content and Mitch Norris for the simple, yet effective, design.

Making Snowflakes

I’m a fan of the work that Jeff Clark does.  His website at is a place where he shows off this work.  He’s got a wealth of really cool things there to mess around with.

Just in time for the season, you may wish to take a look at his snowflake generator.  He’ll accept as input, up to three words or sentences and generates a snowflake for you as repeating patterns of the text entered.

If I provide the words “Snow”, “Shovel”, and “Wind”, his program generates this graphic.

Jeff gives you control over the colour, font, rotation, etc.  The results are generated for you on the fly and you can use the slider controls to create exactly the effect that you want.

It’s a cute little program and I’m thinking that the younger student might like to be able to incorporate their own custom snowflakes into their projects this time of year.  Perhaps their own name?  Perhaps a snowflake for everyone in the family?

For the computer programmer, it’s a great example of how you can take a relatively simple concept and make it flexible enough for the end user to enjoy and also to generate a million different snowflakes with no two the same!

You and your students can make your own snowflakes at:

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