Curating Groundhogs

It's pretty hard to keep a secret on the internet when you're transparent.  That came to bite me this morning.  I've been working on something and had a couple of people uncover what I was doing.  One actually tweeted about it. So, I guess I'll have to come clean with it. One of the big [...]

OTR Links 01/31/2012

Twitter Forgot your password? Type your email address or Twitter username below to reset your password. Learn more. If you've been using Twitter via SMS only, complete signup by clicking here. tags: twitter reset password What do I do if my Twitter account is hacked? | Naked Security Many Naked Security readers email our tips [...]

Pathetic Internet Speeds

Have you ever noticed that there are some times that I make a blog post and there are no images contained in the posting to spruce it up or to illustrate the point?  It's not that I'm lazy; there are some days that I swear that I have the worst internet service provider.  Yesterday was [...]

OTR Links 01/30/2012

History Pavillon You have just entered one of Squidoo's largest history pavilions. As you stroll through its corridors, you shall find many rooms to quench your thirst for knowledge of the past. This is a 3 storey building and an elevator will take you from floor to floor. In the back of the building, you [...]

Keeping Tabs on the Blog

There are probably a lot of ways to do this but I think that it's the responsible thing to do when you're a blogger. You need to keep tabs on what's happening on and around the blog. WordPress has created a Google Chrome extension that does a nice job of that. Once installed, it just [...]

OTR Links 01/29/2012

15+ Pinterest Boards Teachers Should Be Following #edchat | Secondary Solutions 15+ Pinterest Boards Teachers Should Be Following #edchat tags: pinterest edchat teachers Ideas to Inspire Inspiring ideas for your lessons, contributed by teachers around the world! tags: ideas lessons Web2.0 teaching learning presentations writing primarypad Interesting Ways | The Interesting Ways series continues to [...]

Your school doesn’t need a webmaster

Ever since there was an internet, there's been a desire for schools to have a website.  And, roughly a month after that, there were dated websites.  For many schools, having a website was something that was created and done.  Fini.  A volunteer goes to a workshop on Dreamweaver or Frontpage and then enthusiastically pulls together [...]