I Wanted It All…

…these iconic words come from the Bruce Springsteen song “Growin’ Up”.  My current favourite channel on XMRadio right now is the E Street Channel.  It’s one of the very few channels devoted to a single artist and when I hop in the car, I get to listen to some of the greatest music ever performed.

Of course, I could put any of the CDs from my collection into the player or plug in my MP3 player but the XMRadio channel is far more intriguing because there are songs that I didn’t even know that the E Street Band had recorded plus there are rare live recordings and concerts that I’d never hear before.

Where can you get the same power in an internet connected computer?  Head on over to the site allsongsby.  It’s a search engine to a giant compilation of music.  The search engine lets you look by artist, album, or song.  If the song is on YouTube, a link lets you play it directly.  If you prefer to go mobile, a link to the download from iTunes is there.

So, I decided to check out the results from a “Bruce Springsteen” search.

405 songs on 66 albums.  The site even puts together a playlist of content for you to copy and embed!  The Springsteen playlist has 138 songs for a total of 12 hours and 33 minutes.

Now, the songs are available elsewhere on the internet to be sure.  I think it’s a goldmine find to have them all in one place.  Just search for your artist and have at it.  Wonderful.

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OTR Links 12/04/2011

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