An App to Help You Kill Time

OK, so you’ve got your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone and you’ve got a long wait at the doctor’s office or anywhere for that matter.  Of course, you’ve checked in with FourSquare but what do you do to kill time after that?  Wouldn’t it be nice to kill time and get somewhat smarter?

Of course it is.

So, download this app.  It’s called Awesome Facts and it’s up to version 3.  Everyone marvels when you’re a wizard at producing those important facts that make the difference between a boring class and an engaging one.  Or, a party in need of some life.  Why not be the smartest one in the crowd?  How can you not be impressed when the learning is this good.  Is there any doubt that you should take up golfing?

It may be the best 99 cents that you’ll ever spend!

This isn’t the only trivia app that’s available.  Do a search in the app store and you’ll run the gamut from free to nominal fee for the applications.  There’s lots of great apps to download for those wishing to have more trivia at their fingertips.

With Awesome Facts, trivia is organized by categories like Science and Technology, Sports, Weather, etc. or you can have them all appear randomly.  Search for a fact and mark the best as favourites.  You can even send the fact to Twitter or Facebook – maybe that’s a little carried away – but a quick shake or tap on the screen moves you on the the next fact.

Be the life of the party.  Get smarter.  Get the app!  Time just flies in the doctor’s office.  And, it’s not like you’re in the middle of creating a blog post – when your name is called, drop everything and say awwwwww.

Given the season, here’s a bit of trivia to share with friends today.


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