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December 2010

  • Follow Ontario Edu-Bloggers, Part II

    Last #FollowFriday, I used Montage to put together a visual representation of Ontario Edu-Bloggers based upon their RSS feeds.  I like the effect and suggested that it might be an interesting starting page should you want to see what the folks throughout the province were blogging.  The content of the entry was based upon the… Continue reading

  • Web for All

    I had this topic on my queue of things to blog about and must admit that it had kind of faded from memory until I read this tweet from Ira Socol yesterday. When you visit the links PC, Macintosh, you’re directed to the Collections page of add-ons for the Firefox web browser.  The goal of… Continue reading

  • links for 2010-12-30

    The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World | 7CoolList This seven monumental buildings were something best the old world had to offer. The only one that has survived till today is the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest, the biggest and the most enduring of all the seven wonders of the world. Nevertheless, all of… Continue reading

  • A Great Confluence

    I’ve had FourSquare on my portable device for a while.  I wouldn’t say that I’m a power user by any extent and mostly use it to check in to restaurants after the food is ordered and we’re waiting delivery.  I’m also a mayor of three locations.  Two involve park benches and seagulls and the other… Continue reading

  • links for 2010-12-29

    2000 Vs. 2010: How the world has changed It's hard to believe how much the world has transformed in the past decade — but our handy infographic tells the whole story. Click to enlarge! (tags: 2010 world vs 2000) My Top Followers in 2010 My Top Followers in 2010 tells you who your best followers… Continue reading