Consuming the News

I don’t just read the news; I consume the news.  There is just so much to read, to learn, to be aware of, and to understand.  In the beginning, it was just paper newspapers which now seem such a relic to the process.  But, if you just want one source and one opinion, they still have their place.

Then it was time to expand the scope and connectivity was there to help.  Big time.

For the longest of times, I would get my various news and information sources by having a reading list that I would access online.  Designers and writers do a great job of putting things together.  Yet, it was time consuming and if I happened to miss a source, it just left an empty feeling of a job undone.  Thankfully, an RSS reader approach was helpful and does a great job of aggregating the sources.  Then, I had a relapse when I started to go portable.  Individual news sources started to create their own unique mobile application.  Starving for colourful inspiration, I grabbed some of my favourites.  I still use that as a way of quick reference and specific updates.  You can’t beat the TSN application for updates for sports, for example.  When the iPad came along, I thought that I’d reached the ultimate with Flipboard.

Flipping through sources and news is terrific with this application.  I’m amazed with the design and the user interface for interacting with the information provided.  Recently, the developers have announced a whole set of built-in resources.  You’ve got to love it.  The only catch is that it’s limited to the iPad.

Within the past week, I’ve been playing around with another alternative.

Pulse News enters the playing ground with yet another approach to reading.  The interface is strangely attractive and engaging.  Sources that you subscribe to appear as bands across your screen.  With a flick, you’re skimming the articles which typically include a great image.  Find an image or a stub of information that interests you and with a tap, a window slides into place where you can read the entire story.

Like all good readers, there are hooks into Twitter, Facebook, and direct links to the actual resource on the web.  It makes skimming the news from your selected resources so easy and a tap takes you directly to the story.

What is so intriguing is that this application is not limited to just the iPad.  There is an iPhone/iPod and an Android version as well.  So, in addition to accessing the news on your bigger device, it becomes even more portable with your smaller device.  And, if your primary portable device is one of these smaller units, you can now take your news with you with this application as well.

It comes with a tonne of excellent news and entertainment sources ready to go with a simple tap but anything goes with access to any RSS feed.

A great source of information is the Pulse Blog.  It’s well worth the read and following to stay on top of things with this excellent application.

If you’re into trying out applications to see if they fit and you like to stay on top of the news, I recommend that you download and play around with this one immediately.  I think you’ll like it.

For me, it’s another stop on my morning read of the news!

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