Making a Difference and Blogging Anniversaries #RCAC2010

Yesterday, I asked the question, “Will #RCAC2010 Make a Difference?”  It was a serious question.  I know myself that I’ve attended a large number of professional development activities and some are engaging and made me change my practice and others were, well, real clock watchers. Three years ago, a colleague and friend attended the WesternContinue reading “Making a Difference and Blogging Anniversaries #RCAC2010”

links for 2010-12-11

Do You Need an Antivirus on an Android Phone? [Geeks Weigh In] Many mobile phones are no longer really just mobile phones. They’ve instead become pocket PCs, running custom operating systems that manage to provide an incredible range of functionality despite the tiny, power-starved processors (relative to a normal PC, at least) that phones haveContinue reading “links for 2010-12-11”