10 Starter iPad Applications

I’ll bet that there are many people who received iPads for Christmas.  Right out of the box, it’s fun to start to learn from the applications that come installed by Apple.  However, within minutes of synching to iTunes, you realize that there’s a whole different world out there in terms of applications and they all lend additional functionality to your i-connected life.

Where do you start?

Well, I haven’t previewed them all, but I do have my favourites.  If I was recommending applications to a new user, here’s what I think you need to download and install immediately.  They’re all free.  You can then upgrade or go to paid applications if you need more.

  • Twitter for iPad – stay connected, listen to the Twitter stream, learn, and get advice on future applications;
  • Flipboard – bring all of your reading into one place – if you’re into news, don’t get individual news apps, bring them all into Flipboard;
  • TaskPad HD – we all have to-do lists – you might as well keep track of them on your iPad;
  • VLC Media Player – never be stumped by a file format again;
  • Google Earth – all the functionality of the desktop version but really takes advantaging of the manipulating ability of the iPad;
  • Aweditorium – a totally new way to explore musical artists;
  • Note Hub – if you create projects with resources from all over the place, use this application to bring all of the research components together;
  • Dropbox – this popular application for sharing with your devices and potentially others comes to this device;
  • fotopedia Heritage – explore UNESCO world heritage sites and their beauty comes to life on your iPad;
  • Documents Free – you will need to work on your documents and spreadsheets.  This one is free.

I haven’t even touched on the topic of games.  They shine on the iPad but you might as well get with the crowd and get the hottest thing going.  So, here’s a bonus 11th.

There are all just to get started!  They’re not inclusive but should ease you into your new world with your iPad.  You’ll want to upgrade and explore and the App Store makes it so easy.  I’ve tried to include apps here that show the breadth of what’s available.  Personally, I have a couple hundred more installed and that’s just a drop in the bucket.  Be prepared to enter a whole new world.

Please feel free to share your discoveries and what you consider to be better choices here.  The more we share; the more productive we are!  Merry Christmas.

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