A Great Confluence

I’ve had FourSquare on my portable device for a while.  I wouldn’t say that I’m a power user by any extent and mostly use it to check in to restaurants after the food is ordered and we’re waiting delivery.  I’m also a mayor of three locations.  Two involve park benches and seagulls and the otherContinue reading “A Great Confluence”

links for 2010-12-29

2000 Vs. 2010: How the world has changed It's hard to believe how much the world has transformed in the past decade — but our handy infographic tells the whole story. Click to enlarge! (tags: 2010 world vs 2000) My Top Followers in 2010 My Top Followers in 2010 tells you who your best followersContinue reading “links for 2010-12-29”