Gift for a Geek

So, what did you get for Christmas?

Amidst the sweaters and socks, there’s one that stuck out for me.  It just serves to remind everyone that I never grew up and hopefully never will.  It’s also a reminder that my wife knows me so well.

She remembers how I was so fascinated with Rubik’s Cube when it was all the rage and so this year, the hit was a new “twist” called Rubik’s Slide.

Maybe it’s the mathematician or Computer Scientist in me, but I love to solve a good puzzle.

It’s a simple concept.  A pattern is displayed on the 3×3 grid and your task is to take an original placement and rotate or slide them to end up with the goal pattern.  It’s a simple concept and the first puzzles are easy to solve but it gets cruel in a hurry.  You quickly learn to recognize patterns and the ability to understand spatial orientation.  It’s the perfect gift for this geek.

Most of all, you get to puzzle away hours solving it.

What did you receive as a gift that leaps to the top?

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