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November 2010

  • First Look at Google Earth 6

    It seems like it was a stealth release.  There was no big fanfare or announcement about the release of Google Earth 6 that cross my desk.  But, I just happened to stumble onto the news and, of course, grabbed it immediately to kick the tires.  I’ve always been fascinated by maps and geography and Google… Continue reading

  • links for 2010-11-29

    GpCode ransomware returns, with stronger encryption | ZDNet A new version of the dangerous GpCode ransomware has been detected, using RSA-1024 and AES-256 as crypto-algorithms. (tags: gpcode encryption returns ransomware icsxx) Facebook infested with new worm Facebook is littered with a worm, seemingly the same one under different names, created by randomly generated developers, which… Continue reading

  • The Value of Hashtags

    You’ve seen them and you’ve probably used them.  On Twitter, they are usually cryptic codes that appear in messages following the # sign.  Hashtags allow you to follow a conversation stream.  You just search for that hashtag and watch the results come in!  The value is that you are not limitd to messages from just… Continue reading

  • links for 2010-11-28 – Streaming live video broadcasts for everyone Broadcast what you're doing Go live now, meet new friends and have fun. (tags: tv streaming web2.0 social webcam community blog) The Googlization of Everything (excerpt) – Siva Vaidhyanathan – University of California Press Google dominates the World Wide Web. There was never an election to… Continue reading

  • Back to Delicious

    Recently, I shared my frustrations with my Delicious account going off the rails.  In an entry entitled “Moving On“, I talked about how the Delicious resource had even become unresponsive and so I had switched to Diigo’s service for posting daily links that I’ve found to this blog.  It’s my way of giving back to… Continue reading