#FollowFriday enhanced

For a long time now, I’ve used the concept of the #FollowFriday to recognize and help extend the networking for Ontario Educators. The only requirement is that I need to know names and that they have to be active recently. The potential names are in five visible and one invisible Twitter lists.

As the originator of the post, I see how often Twitter messages are favourited and retweeted. I also see that there are people that favourite many of them; presumably to follow up with later. I am pleased that people find it helpful.

So, last Sunday in my weekly roundup, I started something new to help with the process.

I decided to collect and put the messages into a Wakelet connection.

So, all of those mentioned are in one spot. That particular collection can be found at: https://wakelet.com/wake/387acf89-5daf-4230-a927-760b2032d5c7

I think it’s a nice feature to have and will continue to do it on my Sunday weekly roundup post. It comes out every Sunday afternoon at 5pm.

Expanding the Network

Remember the great experience of #ECOO12?  So many great Ontario Educators all descending upon one location in Richmond Hill.  So many people all in the same place enjoying the presentations, keynotes, and panel discussions.  Those who were unable to make the trip could live it vicariously by following the hashtag.

In addition to the formal events, there was the powerful connections made among the attendees in the hallways, at lunch, in the exhibit hall, and during the fabulous social events.  You’d like to think that these connections make for powerful opportunities that last beyond the event.  That’s always the hope of conference organizers.

In addition to the renewed friendships, there’s the new ones formed on the spot.

Doug, meet Sandy.  Sandy, Doug.

How do you maintain the strength of the connections and expand people’s networks after the event?

I’ve written before about my thoughts of “Why #FollowFriday is so important“.

For a while now, I’ve gone through the exercise of identifying Ontario Educators who are actively tweeting and recognizing their efforts on Friday mornings with my own “FollowFriday” postings.  It’s not that they’re the only important contributors but there’s something special about making those Ontario connections.

Twitter easily facilitates global discussions.  But the Ontario Curriculum and current issues are the ties that bind we Ontarians and are not to be ignored.

So that’s why you’ll see messages like this:


from me in the early hours on a Friday.  Early, so that it doesn’t clog up the Twitter stream for those who don’t care – at least in the Eastern Timezone.  Sorry Europe and beyond.

I had a couple of interesting private Twitter messages today that helped frame this post.

1)  “Didn’t you use to post the #FollowFridays quicker?” – Yes, I did.  I had a pretty good set of scripts that harvested names for me and made it easy.  Twitter has changed the rules about how to access messages so I’ve had to scrap the original plan.  My current routine is a little more manual that I’d like so it does take a bit to pull this off but I’m working on it.

2)  “When I log into Twitter, seeing the other Twitter IDs clumped with mine is just like a face to face introduction.  I follow them immediately.”  That’s another activity that’s become organic with this.  Some people when they see a message with their name in it elected to reTweet the message.  I never thought of that but really like it.


What it does is amplify the concept.  It’s almost a decree to follow some new people.  And, doesn’t that allow us to expand the Ontario Network and continue the Ontario conversation?

If you missed the list of people identified this morning, I created the Storify below.

[View the story “#Active Ontario Educators” on Storify]

The complete listing of Ontario Educators is stored in two Twitter lists.

To get yourself added to the list, send me a message or complete the form located here.

Follow Ontario Edu-Bloggers, Part II

Last #FollowFriday, I used Montage to put together a visual representation of Ontario Edu-Bloggers based upon their RSS feeds.  I like the effect and suggested that it might be an interesting starting page should you want to see what the folks throughout the province were blogging.  The content of the entry was based upon the results from Rodd Lucier who had originally posted the list on his blog.

For the past week, I was musing about other ways to display collections like that.  One resource that I’ve always wanted to create something of substance is LiveBinders.  So, in tribute to the Ontario educators who blog, here’s another way to bring these resources together.  Starting with Rodd’s list, I kept an eye on my Seesmic Desktop column of Ontario Educators and when I found a new Twitter message, checked the profile to see if there was a blog attached.  If there was, I added it to the LiveBinder that I’d created.  Now, I can copy and paste with the best of them but the folks at LiveBinders have created a little Bookmarklet that makes things so easy.  Just find a page and click – tell LiveBinders where to store it in the popup window and move on.  It was an incredibly quick way to pull them all together.

I maintained the original categorization that Rodd started, just taking a little liberties in order to get the titles to fit in the tabs and the result is an interesting way to categorize and display all of the blogs from a single page.  LiveBinders doesn’t spawn a new window with each link – it displays the results in a frame in the same window.  I found this very handy as I browsed around to make sure that I didn’t mess up when putting things together.

So, there you have it … a nice tribute to Ontario Bloggers for this #FollowFriday.  You can check it out live at this link.

Obviously, I created it for this blog entry.  But, I keep thinking of the best way to manage a class of bloggers and think that this might be another easy way to keep tabs on each of them with minimal navigation