Ontario Educators Shine at #RCAC2010

It’s the morning after the Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee’s Symposium 2010.  What a day.  Despite the bad weather that had hit Middlesex, Huron, and Perth Counties recently, we enjoyed nearly a full house. The day was packed full with opportunities to learn, share, eat, make new friends, and renew old friendships.  Whether you wereContinue reading “Ontario Educators Shine at #RCAC2010”

links for 2010-12-09

Upload your photo and add some bling Pimp your image! (tags: fun photos tools web2.0 photography image generator humor) Seenly Take pictures with your webcam straight to the net. (tags: webcam fun web2.0 photography photos flash Tools seenly) Meetzi – Make your meetings more productive, focused, and actionable Meetzi is a in-meeting management tool thatContinue reading “links for 2010-12-09”