Ontario Educators Shine at #RCAC2010

It’s the morning after the Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee’s Symposium 2010.  What a day.  Despite the bad weather that had hit Middlesex, Huron, and Perth Counties recently, we enjoyed nearly a full house.

The day was packed full with opportunities to learn, share, eat, make new friends, and renew old friendships.  Whether you were looking for friends by actually know them, by their shoes, by a personal or informal introduction, or by their avatar, the Crystal Ballroom and the hallways were absolutely alive with conversation.  Some of it was actually personal but I was completely amazed at how much of it was professional and a sharing of individual best practices with others.  It can’t help but make you feel proud to be a part of this group.

And, of course, the Twitter stream was hopping with conversation.  My co-Chair @sadone noted at one point that the Hashtag RCAC2010 was trending on Twitter.  That’s pretty amazing to me but the number of devices in the room did keep crashing their server.  Yet, with the folks offsite and those onsite who switched to their cell phones or portable internet sticks, the conversation kept on happening.  I created a Twapperkeeper of the conversation so that you can see just how active things were, onsite and off.

More than the Twitter conversation, it was awesome to see those in the Ontario Community step up to share their expertise with colleagues.

  • @digitalnative – iPads in the Classroom;
  • @ursbill – Tapping into Your Curiosity, Imagination and Expertise;
  • @markwcarbone – Facebook in the K-12 Classroom;
  • @Cowpernicus, @TOBluejay12 – A Personal Learning Network for Principals;
  • @WindsorDi – Rich Content and Support from 21st Century Learning: Knowledge Ontario;
  • @zbpipe – Live Scribe Pens in the Classroom TLLP Project;
  • @sadone – Getting Along Digitally;
  • @misterpuley – The Writing Process and Assessment with Turnitin.com;
  • @ursbill (again) – The Province’s Best Kept Secret: The Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB)

Special acknowledgement has to be given to @aforgrave who did his best to live stream the event.  I was sitting next to him watching his with all of his gadgets and water glass (read the stream…) to try to make it happen.  We hope that it was delivered!

It was a great Thursday and a salute to these and all Ontario Educators who make a #FollowFriday so special.


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