Accuracy and Speed

These are two things that you typically give up when you move from a full sized keyboard to the smaller one in a portable device.  How many times, when typing (fingering?) do you pause before a send and realize that some editing is going to be needed before you send the message lest you appear to be only semi-literate?

Swype changes all that.

Access to Swype for my Smartphone was available in a Beta mode a while back and I missed the board.  So, I continued my hunting and pecking and mispelling until this week.

Swype is open again in Beta mode and this time I’m there. After a download and installation,  I couldn’t believe how I was immediately more accurate and faster at texting and typing.

Swype replaces the default keyboard entry method.  Instead of just poking at the keyboard, you place your finger on the portable keyboard and just move to the next letter, pausing for a second, before continuing to the next letter and repeating the process until your word is complete.  An image from the Swype website kind of describes the process but you really have to experience it to believe it.

Image from

How often do we hear the term "game changer" to mean some trivial and incremental application or process?  This one, in my opinion, really is a changer.  Throw out everything that you think you know about keyboarding and the frustration of fat fingers hitting the wrong keys and swype your way to speed and accuracy.

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