Poor Parenting

You know, I thought that I had done a reasonably good job of parenting and documenting my childrens’ growth. After all, I think we took a picture of them during some birthdays and most Christmas celebrations. It was this YouTube video that put it into perspective.  It’s from JAMagicFilms.  According to the descriptor, they tookContinue reading “Poor Parenting”

links for 2010-12-07

Technology TIP » TIP Sheets Technology tip sheets for many popular applications (tags: technology tutorials resources web2.0 howto professional_development teachers tools) online Egg Timer Egg timers – or timers for three different group activities (tags: timer egg tools online eggtimer stopwatch) ‘Tracking Protection’ coming to IE9 to keep the average consumer safe Internet Explorer 9,Continue reading “links for 2010-12-07”