More Breadcrumbs

I quite enjoyed messing with the Google Breadcrumb from the Google labs.  It was a pretty interesting way to quickly write an application that would play well on the web or on any of the smart phones or iPod or iPad that you might have.  Friend @pbeens responded to my original post and showed some of the things that he was able to do by putting some HTML in his example.  The result was very interesting.  Finally, a reason why in this day and age, a knowledge of some basic HTML was paying off.

The product is so new that there really isn’t any formal documentation so tooling around may be the best option.  When you run the application in a regular browser, one of the things that you might be tempted to do is to view of the source of the page.  At that point, you realize just how this gets displayed.

So, I decided to play around a little more because the more that you can do with something, the more functional it becomes.  I tried a number of things, including trying to embed a Google Gadget with some success.

When I decided to call it a night, I had discovered:

Which generated the following.

With a little HTML knowledge, you can extend the original premise.  Now, we can have Zork with pictures!  Thanks, Peter for pushing me on this.

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