Posting 11/21/2010

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Concert 2.0

We attended the Montgomery Gentry concert in Windsor last night and red necked it up with about 5000 others for a great evening of entertainment.  Always looking for the technology angle, it was fun talking about other concerts that my wife and I have been in the past and listening to her talking about the good old days without technology.  Those would be Concert 1.0 events.  We have moved along though!

  • Cell phones – Do they really need to tell us all to turn our phones off?  (Actually, yes, but I think she was the only one in the hall that did…)
  • Tickets – Remember the good old days when they tore your stub off?  Now, they just scan it with one of those things.  (Yes, and I can also scan the code with my phone even though I get that disapproving “you’re such a weenie” look…)
  • Recording – Do they really have to tell people that they can’t record the concert? (Sadly, yes.  Record devices are so small that it’s pretty easy to bootleg a concert.)
  • Look at all those people with cameras.  (Actually, most were using their phones.  It’s so seamlessly done and you do want a picture or two to remember the event.)
  • Isn’t it nice that the Coliseum is designed to be inclusive of all guests?  (Absolutely.  Those who need help with mobility are seated nicely on the main floor.  Kudos to the event staff who were visibly doing a great job accommodating everyone)
  • You’re going to blog about this, aren’t you?  (Hell yeah! I’ll even throw in a video…another thing that can’t be done in the good old days)

Despite all this, there are some things that never change.

  • Despite the concert starting at 9pm, people were still arriving at 9:30.
  • Some folks, unfortunately, do drink to excess to be annoying to others.
  • Lots of people leave before the concert ends…(have you never heard of encores?)
  • People behind you talk all through the concert. (Thankfully, if you focus, you can tune them out)
  • People everywhere sing loudly and way off key.  (Actually, I think that was me.  Since my guitar playing days, I have the ability to play in one key and sing in another)

Fortunately, most people are ready for Concert 2.0.  After all, some people change.