New Feature to / Ontario Educators

Without fanfare, has recently added a much sought after function. is a utility that creates a daily newspaper based upon Twitter messages generated by people you follow OR by people that are on a Twitter list that you’ve created.  Since its inception, one of the features that users have requested is an archive of these daily postings.  Now, you’ve got it.

The folks at should be held up as a model for success in the Web 2.0 application world.  They started with a great concept with truly mixed response.  Some folks, myself included, embraced it from Day 1.  Others, posted messages like “Die,, Die” because the service makes reference to those who contribute to an issue.  I did have a thought or two about the situation you can review here and here.  As a result of the furor, the developers listened and have modified their product to exclude people who share but don’t want to be see as sharing.  (A concept that I still don’t understand fully…)

So, daily, the news would come out and if you caught the notice or had it bookmarked, you could enjoy the content provided.  The next day would come and the current edition was there but previous versions weren’t.  This has all been addressed and now you can use the Archive feature, located in the top right corner of any paper to browse previous editions of your paper.

Now, you can review and enjoy any edition that was created.  One of the papers that I read daily and truly look forward to are the contributions from Ontario Educators.  If the buzzword de jour for professional development is “job-embedded”, then I would propose that the contributions here are “life-embedded”.  Each issues features rich and thought provoking content designed to read and motivate in the areas of education, technology, media, life-styles, and more.  I can’t imagine anyone who claims to be on top of things not getting involved at some level.  The diversity and interest factor of every edition is so engaging.  There no longer remains any excuse for not knowing what’s current and relevant to our network.

Secondly, though, I think that there’s an educational component to all of this that shouldn’t go unnoticed.  For those who had a wish list, there was a desire for this archive feature.  In the beginning, it wasn’t there.  Now, with this new enhancement to the service, they’re all there.  If you’re looking for a concrete example of the importance and significance of a digital footprint, this is it.  Many of us thought that the current paper was it.  It turns out that all of the issues were archived.  It should be Exhibit A in the quest for understanding – “Does anything on the internet ever go away?”

The new archiving feature to is a welcome addition.  Again, a tip of the hat to the developers for listening to the public and providing a solution.

If you are not on the list of Ontario Educators and would like to be, please complete this Google Form and I’ll get you added as soon as I can.  Personally, I’d enjoy reading what you’re sharing and so might the 245 people who are already following this list.

In the meantime, have a great #FollowFriday and follow anyone on the list (or follow the entire list yourself).  Read more; learn more.

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