Posting 11/24/2010

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My First Look at iOS 4.2.1

The upgrade to the Apple portable devices became available yesterday. Ever since I got my iPad, I was really frustrated with the big difference in the operating system from that which was available for the iPod. Now, they’re both on a level paying field.

So, with my “blistering” internet access here at the sanctum, I started the six hour download. Fortunately, there was Monday Night Football to keep my entertained in the meantime. Around 11pm last night, the update was complete and the iPad rebooted so that I could give it a quick look. The football game was not close at this point so I could spend some time before heading to bed. Here are my initial thoughts…

Aweditorium works again! For some reason, it had stopped working after a recent upgrade. I thought that it might be because of a modification to get reader for 4.2. I’m happy now. Ironically, my first trip to the App Store revealed an update to fix the previous problem. Sigh.

Multitasking works! FInally. It’s a shame to single task on such a nice device and now I don’t have to. I see this as a major enhancement for me.

Folders! I’ve longed for this feature. I have a number of web browsers and it will be nice to have them all clustered together. Ditto for the Social applications that I seem to accumulate.

The printing features may appeal to others but I’ve never had the desire to print from the iPad. Actually, I seldom print anything anymore. I wonder if my ink cartridges have dried up.

Game Centre is there. I may have to dig into that now and see if there’s anything there to interest me.

Search in the web page is a fabulous enhancement. I instinctively use ctrl/cmd – F to speed the research process on my laptops. A similar function now exists in Mobile Safari. I like it.

I think I’m fortunate. As I was killing time last night, I read of people who had problems finding their iTunes library after the installation. That wasn’t a problem for me.

Is it all rosy? For the most part, yes. But, I do need to throw my thoughts out with those who are complaining about the move to reprogram the orientation switch. That is something that I used all the time. It’s very handy if you’re lying on a couch and need to lock a landscape or portrait orientation. The soft lock is there but does require a hurdle to activate.

I find it interesting that a hard switch like that would be remapped to a different function. That does open possibilities that I hope that Apple considers in future upgrades. How about making that switch user-definable so that we can make it act like we want it to? That would be very nice.

So, there’s my first look at things. I look forward to exploring further. I know that I’m late to the discovery game because of the slowness of download with which I had to suffer to get the update. I’d be interested in hearing from those who are ahead of me. What’s turning your crank?