Happy Hallowe’en

One of the joys of blogging is giving yourself license to talk about whatever you want, whenever you want and so on the morning of this spooky day, just a couple of things about Hallowe’en.

First, for movie buffs, Turner Classic Movies has been awesome this week with runs of movies with direct horror in them.  While I blogged earlier about Vincent Price, the offerings this week on TCM reminds me of the genius of Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and later Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

But, you don’t have to go to the movies to experience the out of the ordinary.  From the Huffington Post, there were a couple of interesting photo essays published.  I quite enjoyed America’s 9 Most Haunted Hotels and 10 Hotels with Spooky Ghost Stories in the U.S.  I wonder if there might not be a Top 10 Transylvania Hotels list somewhere!  Speak off hotels, I’ve experienced some of them myself and actually blogged about them.  I could never forget the night that we spent at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio at the NECC Conference.  It was there that I learned that San Antonio is the ghostiest place in the United States.  Or, at least that’s what the tourism people say!

Scary things don’t have to be ghostly.  How about when crop circles are found near where you used to live!



And, being at the right place at the right time lets you photograph them yourself!




Yes, it’s all these ghost stories and events to play with your mind that make Hallowe’en truly interesting.

Have a great one!

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An Upgrade Worth Grabbing

To complement Windows 7, Microsoft has a free package that you may have downloaded.  It’s called Windows Live Essentials and you probably went for it because of the Movie Maker or Photo Gallery applications.  However, there is, in my opinion, a best of breed product in there entitled Windows Live Writer 2011.  If you’re a blogger on the Windows platform, you should give it a look.  With this entry, Microsoft does add considerable value.

I’ve used a lot of blog editors as I add my contributions to this blog and the previous version quickly became my tool of choice when using my Windows computer.


It was quick; it was snappy; and it had all of the functionality for blogging that I required.  One of the best features is that the interface doesn’t get in the road of the blogging experience.  If I’m going to include a picture, for example, the default is to include it in the document and upload it with the post when I get a chance.  Such a little thing but so valuable as I’m not always connected when I’m blogging.

I was actually in the middle of a blog post recently when I was interrupted with a notice that Windows Live Writer 2011 was now available.  Do I want to download it?  Sure!

The product has a new look to it, taking on the persona of the current Microsoft Office suite of applications with the ribbon presenting all of the editing function in your face.  While I struggled with the Office Applications in the beginning, the blogging tool really is nice.  Perhaps it’s just the fact that blogging has limited options compared to everything that you might run into with Microsoft Word.  But, for now, I can upload pictures, videos, hyperlinks, and all of the things that I need to do.

For me, it’s a real keeper.  Check it out.

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